Status report: Vala and Python

by ritze

As part of merging code and unifying the behaviour of each language plugin I improved the Vala plugin. Calltips show method names and return types now instead of only the parameters of the function as it was before.

The Python preferences before and after

Additionally the vala plugin has its own preferences widget now. Before it used the preferences of the cpp-java plugin. As a consequence the Vala plugin no longer depends on the cpp-java plugin. While doing this work I learned, how I can integrate C interfaces in a plugin, which is written in Vala.

But the Vala plugin is not the only one which got an update. The Python plugin has the "Add ')' after function call autocompletion" option now. With this new option the Python plugin has the same functionality as the other language plugins and so I made the preference widget looking like the preferences widget of the other plugins.

Moreover I added the new behaviour of C/C++ in Python and cleaned up the Python plugin a little bit for example of deleting unused variables.