Status report: Final spurt

by ritze

Three week ago I wrote two exams, which I had to learn. Therefore I had no time for Anjuta. My energy for this semester was as well as consumed and the documentation for Clang is not really the best. Finally the Olympic games were no help, because that were too exciting to ignore that games. So a TV in my room interrupted me frequently from programming. ;-)

Thus after finish merging same code of the language support plugins I hadn't find many time to write the Clang plugin. As you can see my code this plugin isn't complete, but it's a good base to complete it.

Unfortunately I won't have time for Anjuta in the near future, because I have to write some exams and add some new feature to my other project Sudowars, which is open source since a couple of weeks. But I'm going to complete the Clang plugin and fix some bugs in Anjuta.

My thanks goes to the Anjuta team and specially on my mentor Johannes. They helped me a lot and I learned many things during Google Summer of Code. I would do it again at any time.